Half Dozen Egg Bath Bomb Set

Half Dozen Egg Bath Bomb Set

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Scented in six different scents!

Pink scented in Watermelon Candy, A super sweet watermelon candy - ripe watermelon with sweet sugary crystals. A fun, fruity scentsation!

Orange scented in Gummy Bear, This yummy scent is filled with fruity, delicious fruity goodness

Yellow scented in Banana, The fun, tropical enjoyment of banana

Purple scented in Grape Candy, Go gaga for the scent of ripe, juicy grape candy that will remind you of the sour grape candy enjoyed during childhood

Green scented in Avo Bath, lemongrass, citrus and sage blend beautifully with notes of violet, cinnamon, vanilla and white musk. 

Blue scented in Blue Raspberry, Blue raspberry infused with sweet sugar. It smells like a blue raspberry slushie.

Ingredients: Baking Soda, Citric Acid, SLSA, Cream of Tarter, Avocado Oil, Polysorbate 80, Fragrance Oil, FDA Approved Lakes, Water